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Yes. Inappropriate disposal of farm waste is an offense under the Environmental Protection Act, EPA. You may also contravene a local municipal law through improper waste disposal, atop polluting the environment.

The world is transiting into clean and green agriculture. This means that more consumers want produce that’s been grown in a clean environment free from contaminants, chemicals and other pollutants.

Farm wastes vary. They include masonry waste (cement, tiles etc.), scrap metal, kitchen waste, empty chemical drums and containers, excess or unused chemicals, tires, oil and oil filters, and dead animals.

Other waste materials in farms include plastic wrappers, tree and plant waste and so much more. Similarly, management of the waste differs. Read our blogs for more information on how to handle all types of waste available on your farm.

The waste we collect goes to recycling companies for reproduction into other usable products or similar ones. We’re also planning to produce our own recycled plastic products that farmers can use for flooring, fencing and other important functions around farms.