2015 Events

  • AUG 15: MUSIC

    Green Billies

    AUG 15: KIDS COOK! 10-11:30AM

    Join Kids Cook! educators as they lead kids ages 8-17 in a hands-on cooking lesson featuring market fresh produce. Sign-up beforehand at the Info Booth

    AUG 22: MUSIC


    AUG 29: MUSIC

    Los Radiators

    SEP 5: MUSIC

    Squash Blossom Boys

    SEP 12: MUSIC

    Sol De La Noche

    SEP 19: MUSIC

    Temporary Tattoos

    SEP 26: MUSIC

    Mar Ata

    OCT 3: MUSIC

    Kevin Herig Trio

    OCT 10: MUSIC

    Jug of Punch

    OCT 17: MUSIC

    La Rondalla de Albuquerque


    Join us for our annual FUNdraiser at our local downtown Marble Brewery. Live music, awesome raffle, food trucks, fresh produce grab bags and more! All ages & dogs welcome. For every beer that is purchased, the market gets $1! So drink responsibly and help out the Market!

    OCT 24: MUSIC

    Deer in the Headlights

    OCT 31: DOG BOO 10:30-NOON

    Our annual Dog Boo invites dogs and owners to get creative and come to market all dressed up! Sponsored by longtime market vendor, Tailwaggin’ Temptations, this friendly competition awards best owner/dog costume, best tailwagger, and best dog kisser. Dress up your pup and head down for great entertainment!

Market News


It’s the end of summer and our farmers have been in full swing working hard to bring hundreds of beautiful veggies to market each week! This week at market you can find:


Armenian Cucumber



Bell Pepper


Buckwheat Microgreens









Flowers (Zinnia, Sunflowers)



All are welcome!

Join Us

We have passed the deadline to apply as a full-season vendor for the 2015 seasons. We are still accepting applications for on-call/rotator art and prepared foods vendors.

If you are a Grower and would like to sell at the market, please contact us as we may still have space available. Email or call 505-252-2959 with questions.





Volunteer with us!

The Downtown Growers Market is always looking for qualified volunteers. We need help….

  • Assisting @ the Info Booth
  • Developing our token program
  • Taking photos
  • Planning Special Events- like cooking demos with restaurants
  • Surveying customers and vendors

Benefits for volunteers include, and are not limited to…
Gaining experience in Community Organizing; Working with Fun, Knowledgeable, Creative People; Learning about local agriculture; Helping our Community GROW AND PROSPER!

New Seminar: Living Better With Well Water

There are numerous potential issues that can saturate your water supply and bargain the nature of your well water. There are numerous factors in the landscape and condition that can cause either common or man-made contaminants to get into your water supply. Therefore a lot of reasons to attend this seminar that discuss the well water management and safety.

The main beyond any doubt security against polluted water is learning and a well introduced, siphoned and tried well. Few out of every odd well has water that is quickly consumable, and a few wells need broad support and gear before the water removed is unadulterated and clean.

Utilizing your three faculties of sight, smell, and taste, you can distinguish likely water contaminants, and let specialists make the important acclimations to your well before tainted water inconveniences you or your friends and family.

Visual Problems – Buildups and stores are in many cases beyond any doubt signifiers of contaminated water. Minerals, for example, calcium and magnesium are basic to most wells, springs, and faucet water supplies, yet in too exorbitant an amount they are perilous to the purchaser. Scaling or scummy stores normally connote calcium or magnesium salts. In the event that your water is turbid, at that point it’s conceivable you’re managing some particulate sullying like soil, dirt, sediment, or rust. These issues show themselves outwardly, yet you can almost certainly recognize them with your different faculties also, you just truly don’t have any desire to do that to your taste buds.

Taste Problems – When your water doesn’t taste right, you know it, regardless of whether you don’t have a clue about the reason or can’t actually depict the issue. Salty water has high sodium or maybe leakage from a close-by saltwater body. In the event that water has a particular metallic taste, at that point, the water could be excessively acidic or have a better than expected iron substance. Substance tastes are foul, and furthermore the most unsafe. In the event that water tastes of unnatural synthetic operators, you’re well has a genuine pollution issue that doesn’t simply taste terrible, it’s out and out perilous for you and anybody associated with that well water supply.

Smell Problems – If you’re fortunate, your nose will distinguish any contaminants in your water before your tongue needs to carry out the responsibility. Smell issues are frequently extremely disagreeable, however entirely discernible, and relying upon the issue, very treatable. Spoiled smells demonstrate broke up hydrogen sulfide gas or a microscopic organism that is existing on sulfur. In any case, not wonderful or solid. In the event that the water has a cleaner smell or frothing water, then your well may encounter septic leakage. If you smell something like human waste, at that point kindly don’t test it, as there could be a hole in your well that is bringing that hazardously unhygienic component into your home

There are many different issues that can be identified along these lines, yet the critical exercise is to keep an eye, nose, and mouth on your well water, and on the off chance that anything appears to be off, have it tried, you’ll be happy you did.


The Downtown Growers’ Market is produced and managed by the downtown ABQ mainstreet initiative.