About Us


The world we live in is huge on consumption. And, with each consumption comes lots of waste with the majority being non-biodegradable. The waste pollutes the environment, leading to climate change.

At Down Town Growers, we believe there’s a lot we can do to significantly reduce waste. We recycle crop and kitchen waste into compost for organic farming. We also recycle and reuse plastics in our farms to reduce pollution and save the planet.

Recycling allows us not only to reduce the amount of waste for disposal, but we also learn to see value in everything before throwing it away as trash. As farmers, we depend directly on our lands for survival.

Therefore, it’s essential for us to maintain fertile lands that are free from non-biodegradable waste while putting organic waste into good use. We’re able to save on costs and reduce food waste through recycling.


What We Do

Down Town Growers helps farmers to properly manage and recycle the waste they produce at their farms. We promote clean and green agriculture, something that’s quickly growing in significance each passing day.

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Mission And Vision


The mission of Down Town Growers is to restore, protect and enhance the farming environment for all farmers in the Albuquerque area. We can achieve this through clean and green farming practices.


Our aim is to inspire and challenge the people of Albuquerque and the entire U.S population to achieve the highest waste reduction. We promote recycling and reuse not only in agriculture but also in all other aspects of life.